What are the benefits of getting up early?

How many of you are up at the early hours of the morning? It feels strange to even consider some are up a whole 2-3 hours earlier than myself, whilst I'm still tucked up asleep on my super-comfy mattress.

Fortunatly there are quite a few benefits of rising early, and here at The Original Bed Warehouse, Poole, we've highlighted several of the benefits below, to see if we can encourage you to become an early riser to reap the rewards!



Better Grades

For those who spend a lot of time studying late into the evening, you could actually be hindering your performance! According to some studies, those who get out of bed early score far higher on exams and perform better consistently.


More Energy

As crazy as it may sound, and to begin with you'll probably feel the opposite, but once a routine has been set up you'll find yourself full of energy when you wake up. Those who are early risers have an overall better sleeping pattern which has huge benefits to your body and health.


Gym Excersise

Time To Excersise

I for one make several promises to myself about visiting the gym or an excersise class in the evening after work, but 99.9% of the time those promises get broken. By the time the working day is over, many of us are too mentally and physically tired to even bother. Plus don't forget to take into consideration how busy the gym will be!

Excersising in the morning, as tiring as it sounds, doesn't only cut out the fatigue in the evenings after work, but it's also incredibly good for you!


Peace and Quiet

Rather than having to rush out the door to head to work, being an early riser enables you to really enjoy your surroundings, giving you time to unwind in peace. Sitting in silence has proven to increase oxygen levels in your brain as your breaths tend to be more deep and controlled.


Traffic Jam

Easier Commutes

Just 5 minutes can make an astronomical difference when it comes to travelling to work in the moring. Getting out of the door gives you a headstart on the rest of your day and eases your stress levels.


Better Organisation

If you're up early you have more time to get ready for work and even plan your entire day. This is especially key to those with children, allowing you to be less of a headless-chicken running around packing those lunch boxes and getting uniform ready.


Mental Health

Pretty much everything above allows for a better mental health state. Improving your stress levels, brain function and releasing anxiety. All of this allows for you to better concentrate on yourself and reduce the chance of depression and psychological illness.


So what are you waiting for? Have you set the alarm yet?