The right mattress is vital for a comfy night's sleep but the base is actually just as important. This buyers guide will will arm you with the knowledge you need now that you're considering purchasing a new divan base.

Platform Top Divan Base?

A platform top divan base uses a solid surface ideal for all mattresses. A solid surface on a divan base takes no comfort away from the mattress, the main thing you'll notice is that the bed will not feel as bouncy when moving position. We offer a Sealy Silver divan base with a platform top which comes with a 5 year manufactures guarantee. We also have available an array of Sleepeezee Ottoman platform top divan bases - these are a must see!

Sprung Divan Bases?

A sprung divan base has a layer of springs just under the surface which helps create a little more bounce to your mattress. Sprung divan bases work well with medium and firmer tension mattresses. The springs in the divan base will create a more responsive feel to the mattress whilst maintaining it's correct tension.Softer mattresses may feel too soft if used with a sprung divan base. 

Ottoman Divan Bases?

Ottoman divan bases offer a great solution to those smaller bedrooms with lack of storage space. All our Ottoman divan bases come with gas lift hydraulics making it easy when lifting the base of the bed upwards - much like a car boot.Our Ottoman divan bases are not just practical however they are also stylish pieces of bedroom furniture with an array of fabric choices to choose from.