Do you need a new mattress?

Do you think you need a new mattress? If you're asking yourself this question most nights then chances are you probably do!

The main give-away is the age of your mattress, if you've had it for over 7 years then chances are it MIGHT need replacing, it all depends on how comfortable you're finding it and if there are any visible wear and tear signs.


Old mattress

What to look out for...


You're waking up sore and tired:

Is your body stiff and sore in the morning, or does it feel like you haven't even slept? This generally means that your mattress isn't supporting your body as much as it needs. When your mattress stops providing support you'll begin to toss and turn which leads to a poor nights sleep.


You have a worn, saggy or lumpy mattress:

When you're changing your sheets or duvet, its worth checking your mattress occasionally for lumps or sags, they're easy to notice and in fairness you probably know where they are already as they aren't too kind to your back when led on them! If you notice anything untoward it's probably time you invested in a new one.


You sleep more on your sofa than in your bed:

If you've got to the point where you're sleeping on your sofa more than your bed, this is a sure sign you need to go shopping for a new mattress.


You can't remember the last time you bought a mattress:

This one is quite self explanatory, unless you've just got bad memory! If you can't remember buying your mattress in the last 7 years it might be worth looking towards investing in a new one. The technology involved in foams will have changed and there may even be some new types of mattresses out there which would suit you better.


Your partner isn't sleeping well:

If you're getting moaned at a lot by your partner that the mattress is uncomfortable, or that they are struggling to sleep at night, this is yet another sign you need a new mattress! You should also bare in mind that if your partner isn't sleeping well, their tossing and turning could result in your not sleeping well either!


If you can relate to any, or all of the above points, then why not pop into our showroom to see what mattresses we have available?


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