1) Get a good fan!

We'll start with probably the most obvious one which most of you will be using to keep you cool at night. Maybe not the most economic in terms of electricity usage, though if you spend more money you can get a quieter, lower energy one. Tower fans seem to be the best of the bunch as they cover more area, and you can also get ones which simulate wind patterns giving you strong gusts occasionally mixed with a gentle breeze.



2) Sleep in loose cotton pj's!

Some believe that sleeping in the nude can aid with staying cool, this however can cause you to get hotter, some suggest that sleeping naked prevents your sweat from being wicked away by any clothing, therefor keeping you hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. An easy solution to this is by wearing loose cotton pj's which will keep the sweat at bay and provide breath-ability.


3) Sleep alone!

This one may cause you problems, so lets say it's optional. However sleeping alone allows you for more space to spread out and move to a different area of the bed once you get too hot, but also reduces the chance of you making contact with your sleeping partner, increasing both of your body temperatures.


4) Stay hydrated!

Another obvious one, before you go to sleep be sure to have a glass of cold water to hydrate your body, and to top yourself up with liquid before you begin to sweat it back out. Be careful to not have too much, though! Otherwise a mid-sleep toilet break may be required.


5) Hanging bed sheet technique!

Perhaps one you've not tried yet? Simply get a bed sheet damp and hang it in front of an open window in your bedroom. This will cause the warm air which is blowing into your room to cool down, creating a cooler temperature for you to sleep in.


6) Get a suitable duvet!

Try to stick to cotton duvets, these are breathable and great at promoting airflow and ventilation in your bedroom. Better still, completely remove your duvet and use just your bed sheets to keep even cooler.


7) Get a mattress which keep your body temperature regulated!

Some mattresses aren't great at keeping you cool at night, instead trapping the heat inside them resulting in you getting hot and bothered.

Here at The Original Bed Warehouse, our Equinox range features a fantastic foam called Viscoool, which keeps your body temperature regulated whilst still providing outstanding pressure relief.

Viscoool FOam

8) No big meals!

Now its getting warmer there's no need for stews and casseroles, instead try to eat more cooler dishes in slightly smaller portions. The smaller portions aids your metabolism and prevents your body from producing more heat.


9) Cool shower before bed

A quick cool shower will freshen you up ready for bed, just be sure to make sure you don't spend too much time in there, as it can wake you up!


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