What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a common name for visco elastic foam. It has a fascinating history: it was initially developed by NASA for the space programme to help shield astronauts from high G forces. It is now used for bedding materials such as mattresses, pillows and mattress pads. 

Is All Memory Foam the Same?

All memory foam does the same job, however as with all things there are differences in quality. Different brands on the market vary according to their resilience and "bounce". This is reflected in the density of the foam from different suppliers - most of whom will tell you that their product is the best compromise between price and quality! These differences are important for commercial or professional health applications, however for the average home buyer the variation between grades and brands can be marginal. That said, you usually get what you pay for. If you buy the cheapest, unknown brand then you might get a bargain - or end up being disappointed. Our advice is if you can't make up your mind call one of us at The Original Bed Warehouse, Poole, or pop instore they will be more than happy to help you. 

What Does Memory Foam Do?

Memory foam moulds itself to the contours of your body, giving a uniform level of support. It is a good compromise between the comfort of a soft mattress and the support of a hard mattress. Some people - such as myself - find it the best way to answer the question of how to get a good night's sleep. 

When To Not Use Memory Foam?

Memory foam is not for everyone. Memory foam has a very unique feel which some people find hard getting used to. If you have a back problem or other medical conditions you should consult your doctor for information and advice. In addition some people are more sensitive to the smell of memory foam than others, but like all new furniture that new smell will reduce. 

Do I Need to Buy a Complete New Mattress?

No. If you need to buy a new mattress anyway, it might be a good investment. However if you already have a good, ordinary mattress then another alternative is to think about buying a memory foam mattress pad / topper. 

Do I Need to Rotate My Memory Foam Mattress or Pad?

Memory foam will spring back into shape during the day, however as with all things it does slowly "tire". For this reason it is advisable to rotate your memory foam bedding every so often as you would with a conventional mattress. 

Is Memory Foam Environmentally Friendly?

Not very. It's a synthetic material made using a chemical process. However there are now a number of companies offering more eco-friendly forms of green foam such as Silentnight, Rest Assured, Sealy, Sleepeezee, Breasley.