Bedtime Drinks From Around The World

Most of us across the world enjoy one tradition before we get tucked up in bed, a bedtime drink! A nice relaxing drink can help set you up for a good nights sleep, see below how those from different countries finish their evening routine with a drink below.


Malted Milk - Switzerland

One you may recognise from your supermarket, one particular brand may spring to mind - Ovaltine. First produced in Switzerland in the 1900s, it is/was very popular with alpine skiers and quickly spread across the globe.


Hot Sake - Japan

I know, I know, I've written previous blogs telling you to avoid alcohol to get a good nights sleep, though the Japanese, due to their conservative nature, rarely drink until it's the late evening. The high yeast content of Sake is often said to help towards getting a long and deep slumber, so it's a very popular night cap.


Hot Toddy - Scotland

Typically made up of whisky, hot water and honey; you must have heard of this one! This long time staple has been a Scottish classic for years. Ask your grandparents, they'll probably have fond memories of this drink.


Golden / Turmeric Milk - India

Known as golden milk for its gorgeous deep yellow colour, this Indian bedtime favourite consists of ground or pulped turmeric mixed with milk, cinnamon and occasionally honey. The benefits of turmeric are numerous, linking itself to body repair and natural anti-inflammation.


Chamomile Tea - UK

Caffeine infused teas are a no-no before bed. But us Brits get around that by looking towards the herbal route. Chamomile is recommended for its calming properties, providing natural drowsiness.


Gluhwein - Germany

Not dissimilar to mulled wine, served hot and including a variety of spices such as cinnamon, cloves and star anise. Gluhwein is made using cherry wine alongside vanilla pods, giving a warm tingly feeling when you consume it.


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