Do you need a bigger mattresss?

Are you struggling to sleep next to your partner due to lack of space? Partner disturbance is one of the most popular reasons for poor sleep, though with houses getting smaller, getting a kingsize bed might be a bit of a squeeze!


Below are several reasons as to why it's better to have a bigger bed to sleep in:


- You spend around a third of your life in bed, if you're spending that long there, you may as well go bigger if the cost can be justified!


- A standard double is 4'6 (135cm) wide, giving each person just 2'3 of sleeping space, smaller than a babies cot mattress!!


- The average person wriggles and turns up to 70 times a night, so you need as much distance as you can get from your partner.


- The cost increase from double to king size is usually around £100 - £150, so not much extra for all that extra space!


- Most people spend as much money as they can on best TV, holidays or cars, so why not your bed?!


We have several options available in our Poole show room, should you be looking to increase the size of your bed, so what are you waiting for?


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