What is the best mattress for your child?

It's time to put the cot away and introduce a standard size bed to your bundle of joy. You've cleared space, decorated the room to suit their taste (unicorns or cars?!) and now you're stuck on what mattress you should get them.

A regular phrasse we often hear from our customers is, "It's only for my son/daughter. they aren't fussy, they'll sleep on anything." Whilst this might lead you towards thinking you'll save some mondey as you can get a cheaper mattress, the type of mattrerss is still very important.

Spinal support is incredibly important to a childs developing body, so firmness should take priority without compromising on comfort.

A pocket sprung mattress is great as it can provide the required firmness whilst still being comfortable, if you chose to go for a hybrid style mattress with a layer of foam on top, it's worth avoiding memory foam for now as you need a consistent firmness in order for them to develop properly. A higher density foam like reflex foam is a perfect choice.


What we suggest - Pocket Adaptive 1000

Pocket Adaptive 1000

Our Pocket Adaptive 1000 mattress uses 1000 pocket sprungs alongside a high density reflex foam, this foam doesn't mold to the body or get hot, it 'reflexes' back to its position creating a medium/firm feel, giving the perfect sleeping surface for those growing bones.

Coming with a 10 year guarantee this mattress would be the perfect mattress to last your child until they want a larger bed, or they move out! (wishful thinking!)

We carry a lot of this mattress in stock, it comes as a roll up so you are able to take it home with you the moment you decide to purchase. If we don't have the stock available we are able to get it delivered to you on a next day basis.


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