The Causes of Sleep Deprivation

If you find yourself deprived of sleep but can't figure out the direct cause of it, a quick read of this blog might help you find the answer!


Sleep disorders

A number of sleeping disorders can contribute towards sleep deprivation; Insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring and restless leg syndrome to name a few.

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Poor sleep hygiene

Habits that become part of your routine can also cause sleep deprivation. Not having a cup of coffee or other caffeine related products before bed can help, smoking cigarettes before bed can also disturb your pre-sleep routine. Another is excersise, although you might feel tired after, your body is still feeling the effects from the workout.




Financial or work worries can cause stress, which can stop you from getting settled at night.


Work schedules

Work can contribute towards sleep deprivation in several ways, working long shifts regularly without time off, or if you work a varied shift pattern it becomes difficult for your body to establish a sleep schedule.


Poor sleeping environment

If you have a noisy surrounding you're sure to struggle, even lighting and excessivley hot/cold temperatures can cause you problems. It's even been said that if you have an untidy room, then that can cause sleeping issues too.

Sleeping temperature


Parental or carer obligations

If you've got a young child or a baby in the house, then you're sure to not get a good nights sleep a lot of the time. Same can be said for those whom care for sick family members.



Some medication may interfere with your sleeping, making it harder to get to sleep or stay asleep.



Several illnesses can contribute towards you becoming sleep deprived, especially if you're unable to get over the illness quickly.


Jet lag

If you travell overseas a lot this can cause your body clock to become confused, thus making it hard to sleep when you should.


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