Chromotherapy - What Colour Should You Paint Your Bedroom?

The color you paint your bedroom walls can set the atmosphere and have direct effects on you both mentally and physically. Chromotherapy, or colour therapy as it's also known, can be used to help you choose what colour you should use to help you create the perfect bedroom.



Red is said to energise your heart and improve blood circulation, it's also rumored to enhance your libido. If you're already a poor sleeper this may not be an ideal colour choice, as it's considered to be very stimulating in a bedroom setting.



Purple is the colour of creativity, it's also said that it can help your unconscious mind make decisions, so if you're the indecisive type, this colour could be a great choice. Purple is also said to create vivid dreams.



Blue has calming and relaxing properties, it's also said to slow the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and help reduce headaches. One of the more popular colours for bedrooms, blue and it's many shades should help towards a good nights sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling positive and happy.



Orange represents warmth whilst stimulating creative thinking and enthusiasm. Many say orange also helps with sexual expression, though you may choose to go with it for its cheerful qualities, as it's said to be a great colour to help you forget the stress and strains of the day.



Green works very similarly to blue, linking us to nature, green is a balancing colour that is said to be soothing and relaxing both physically and mentally.



Yellow is great at lifting your mood and stimulating your mind. Be careful though, too much yellow in the bedroom can work the opposite way, creating too many thoughts that can prevent you from sleeping.


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