History of the Mattress

Can you imagine your life without a mattress? Something that we've taken for granted for years have been around for over 10,000 years! Obviously, without all of the ground-breaking technology they feature now, such as adaptive technology (click here to learn more about this), but they still served the same purpose as the mattresses of our life - improving comfort.


Where did it start?

Primitive 'mattresses' emerged thousands of years ago in the Neolithic period. The mattresses were as basic as you can get featuring animal hides draped over piles of grass leaves.

Further down the line in around 3400BC, the Egyptians discovered that sleeping off the floor was helpful to combat insects and rats, their mattress consisted of palm leaves.

200BC and the Romans utilised cloth mattresses to further enhance their sleeping experience, then a while later several significant advancements saw reeds, hay, straw, wool and feathers feature inside the mattress.

During the Renaissance period mattresses began to get a touch of luxury, they were covered in either velvet, brocade or silk, later in the 18th century cotton mattresses arrived which created a sleeping environment that attracted less bugs.


The pocket spring arrives!

In the 1900s an engineer, Janes Marshall, patented the pocket sprung mattress. This collection of springs padded and encased in cotton pockets, provided optimal support for each area of the body.

The 1940s saw futons arrive, shortly followed by foam rubber mattresses in the 50s. In the 60s the modern waterbed mattress was developed.

In 1992 memory foam was introduced to beds by a leading manufacturer, this paved the way for the NASA created foam to become a huge seller in the mattress industry.


Huge Choice

This brings us to today, choice and comfort is key with regards to choosing a mattress, with an almost unlimitted range of sprung and non-sprung mattresses to chose from!


Where do you think mattresses will be in the next 100 years?


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