How To Get More Sleep When You Have Children

Something that's probably alien to you when you've got a newborn child is the thing called sleep. You know, the thing you used to have at least 7 or 8 hours of, uninterrupted, every. single. night.

Functioning on little to no sleep is different, but there are ways in which you can at least try to get a bit more.


Sleep when they sleep

If you're a busy body and like to keep your house tip-top condition, then this can be a struggle. But when your bundle of joy is asleep, it doesn't mean you should do the dishes or stick a load of washing on, try to get some sleep yourself!



Probably the most important tip, you need to come to terms with the face you're not going to get loads of sleep like you're used to. As soon as you recognise this, getting up becomes a lot easier to manage.


Touch of tech

We all need a bit of help sometimes, and there's nothing to be afraid of when it comes to using technology on occasion to extend those 'zzzzz's'! A bit of children television whenever they disturb your sleep, or a game on the iPad can give you those much needed extra 30 minutes.



This isn't so helpful when it comes to newborns, but once they're old enough for a routine it can be a blessing. Try to make dinner, bath time, story time and bedtime a set routine. Over time they'll know what to expect and you shouldn't have any issues...... sometimes!


Blackout blinds

These work wonders and can give you up to an hour or so extra sleep on some occasions! Children use daylight as a sign it's time to get up, so blocking the sun out can trick them into thinking it's still late..... Sneaky!



Taking turns with the evening feed/cuddles can help you get the sleep you desire. Get your partner to do the first half of the evening, then yourself the second half, and you'll find getting that precious shut eye is easy as can be.


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