Is too much sleep bad for you?


I for one can't think of anything more luxurious than a long unbroken sleep, the more you sleep, the more refreshed you should feel, right?

Wrong! Various studies have shown that there is such a thing as too much sleep.


It's not great for your mental health.

Quite the viscious circle, this one. When you're feeling low, the most appealing option is your bed. However oversleeping encourages more oversleeping, which makes it very difficult to escape the cycle.

Quality sleep and rest is important for a healthy brain and body function, however too much sleep outside of what's deemed as the normal range can lead to symptomns of depression.


It makes controlling your weight difficult.

Spending 10 hours or more in bed is cutting out 3 hours from your bodies calory burning. "But you burn calories whilst sleeping!", I hear you say! Of course you do, but nowhere near as much as going for a walk or tidying the kitchen does. Oversleeping also interferes with your bodies circadien rhythm (24hr body clock), slowing the rate at which your body breaks down sugar and increasing inflamation.


It makes you feel achey a lot of the time.

Spending too much time led down can lead you towards feeling very achey, especially if you already have issues with your back. This in turn stops you from getting sleep, which makes you want to sleep more, yet another viscious circle of sleep!


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