Managing Pain Whilst Sleeping

Pain can be a troublemaker when it comes to trying to sleep at night. If there is some type of pain disrupting your sleep cycle, it can stop you from reaching deeper stages causing several awakenings throughout the night.

See below for tips on how you can try to manage pain whilst you sleep.


Sleeping position

If you find yourself struggling with neck or back pain, your sleeping position may be incorrect. Check out one of our previous blogs here to learn more about sleeping positions.


Negative effects from medication

It's worth checking with your doctor if you're on any medication, as some stronger pain killers can make problems worse when it comes to bed time.


Routine before bed

Simple things like ensuring you don't expose yourself to bright light and don't drink any caffeine related products before bed, sets you up for being ready for sleep. You're already struggling from pain, so don't make it worse by giving your brain signals indicating its not bedtime yet.


Stretch before bed

Performing some light stretches around your problematic area before you go to bed can sometimes cause pain to be reduced.


No naps!

Easier said than done, but if you're already really struggling to sleep, having naps throughout the day will remove any chance of drifting off to sleep in the evening.


Time for a new mattress?

Probably what us at The Original Bed Warehouse are better geared towards with regards to helping you sleep pain free.

Having the wrong mattress for yourself can cause you problem after problem, if you're struggling with back pain a mattress that offers outstanding pressure relief might be a good choice. 

Our collection of Equinox mattresses would be a fantastic investment due to its pressure relieving abilities, learn more about the innovative new foam, Viscoool foam here.


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