The Perfect Dressing Table For Your Bedroom

Most of us have a "little area" in our bedroom where we keep all of our belongings, and for some this area is the dressing table, often a place where the morning starts and the evenings finish.


Where should you put your dressing table?

You want as much natural light as possible so consider placing it in front of a window to maximise the light when it comes to applying cosmetics. If you don't have the space, try placing it opposite a window and use your vanity mirror to reflect the light behind you onto your face.

OBW Painted Pine Dresser

What style dressing table?

There's such a wide variety of dressing tables so it's a good idea to draw inspiration from the style of other pieces of furniture in your bedroom before you decide what to go for.

Your dressing table should be wide enough that you can store what you need on it, whilst having at least one drawer for you to use as storage.

OBW Classic Oak Dresser

Dressing table seating

A comfortable seat is important, so something padded or cushioned would suit. Most dressing tables come with matching stools. If not, it's worth checking whether the one you like will fit underneath when you're not using it.

OBW Painted Pine Stool

Dressing table mirror

Your dressing table is not complete without a vanity mirror. Bigger is generally better, however for application of cosmetics you'll want something smaller and adjustable so you can see closer to your face.

OBW Vanity Mirror

Dressing table storage

Be sure to make space for all of your items, drawers or shelves will not go unused! It's often better to have more storage so you always have space available.

OBW Antique Pine Dresser


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