Preparing Your Bedroom for Winter

With winter well nad truly on it's way, the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. You certainly don't have to suffer through the cold, so see below for some helpful tips on how to prepare your bedroom for the winter ahead.


Change your bedding

You've most likely still got a summer duvet on, so changing it up for a higher tog is a great idea. If you have a thin cotton bed sheet, getting a thicker one can help, or if you're after a bit of luxury, silk bed sheets are even better for insulation than cotton.

If you don't have any spare bedding, or don't want to buy an extra duvet, just get some extra blankets to layer up with.



If you're still struggling with the cold after adding a few extra layers, you could get a heating pad or electric blanket to create a quick solution to warm you up. The cheaper alternative is a hot water bottle, though they don't have as wide surface area to warm you up.

Draft excluders work brilliantly if your house is on the drafty side, though a cheaper alternative would be to use towels or even blankets to target the problem areas. If you find your windows are letting a draft through even after they're shut, insulation tape can be used to prevent this.



Using your sense of smell can also create a sense of warmth, scented candles or an oil burner pushing out a warm cinnamon smell will make a great difference.



Slippers and dressing gowns keep you warm before bed, whilst having a set of warm wooly socks to wear whilst you sleep can help, too.

Pyjamas, if you like to wear them, can also help. You can buy thick and fleecy ones, just be careful they don't make you sweat!


Bleed your radiator

Check your radiators are heating to the top, if they're not chances are they need bleeding. This will make them more efficient at warming up your bedroom.


For further tips on staying warm, check out this blog, here.


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