Sleep Remedies From Around The World

If you've traveled around the world you may have noticed that methods and beliefs regarding sleep vary. 

See below how some countries use plants or beliefs to help them get to sleep.



Valerian is popular in Germany due to its properties involving a sedative. The root is dried and turned into a supplement



Wild lettuce is often found growing in the East and South East of England, but rarely anywhere else in the country. It's known to help anxiety, joint pain and can also be known to aid with restless leg syndrome. One drawback is that it's known to cause mild psychotropic effects, similar to opium.


Eastern Europe

Chamomile, native to Croatia and Serbia is another popular remedy, you may have came across it in tea.



The jujube is a small tree which bears oval shaped fruit, when dried they resemble dates. Most effective when dried, though some believe it's the seeds that are the better remedy.

Also in China if children are struggling to sleep, the age old custom requires parents to write a poem and tie it to a lamp post. It's said that for every person who then reads it, the poem sends a prayer up to God to help the child sleep.



Having a glass of warm milk before bed is common across the world. Though it's very popular in Africa due to it's availability compared to other things. Milk contains tryptophan which can cause drowsiness, though most believe it's more the psychological effects which makes you tired.



Most children in Guatemala own a worry doll which they use to tell their worries before they go to bed. By the morning the doll is supposed to have taken away their worries.


North & South America

Passion flower leaves and roots are used in medicine since the Native Americans, when it was used as a treatment for insomnia. It's said to release a neurotransmitter chemical often found in the brain, called GABA, which promotes relaxation.


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