Sleep Superstitions

Whilst superstitions have no scientific basis, several people consider themselves even slightly supersticious. Now Friday 13th has been and gone, I felt now is the right time to help you discover some superstitions regarding sleep.


A piece of cake

For single women it is believed that sleeping with a slice of wedding cake under the pillow will allow them to see their future husband in their dreams. (Might want to get a few spare pillow cases for this one!)


Keep your bed away from the bedroom door

Coming from Chinese Feng Shui; a system of aesthetic placement , one of the most serious superstitions is keeping your bed as far away as possible from your bedroom door. This is because it is believed that being directly next to your door exposes you to too much life force which, which in turn can cause disease.


Wrong side of the bed

This well known term is used to suggest someone isn't in a good mood, it originates from those whom believe that it is considered bad luck to put the left foot down first when getting out of bed.


Counting sheep

One of, or if not the oldest pieces of advice given to those who struggle with sleeping. However, studies have shown counting sheep can be seen as too strenuous for the brain, and it's not recommended to help you sleep.


 Counting Sheep

Cheese gives you nightmares

This popular sleeping myth has been looked into by several scientific studies, and its result concluded that eating cheese before bed can potentially influence dreams, though not necesserily nightmates.


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