Why Am I Always Tired?

Tiredness isn't just caused by lack of sleep, your tiredness could be linked to an underlying condition or a specific lifestyle choice. See below what the most common causes of tiredness are.


Depression / Anxiety

One of the most prominent symptoms of depression is low energy, which is largely contributed through stress. This can trigger a viscious circle of lack of sleep.


Poor Quality Sleep

Sleep is all about quality and not necessarily quantity. If you have a bad nights sleep you are morel likely to have impaired brain function, weight gain and increased risk of disease.



Anemia can occur when your body doesn't have enough iron to produce red blood cells. Symptoms include tiredness and lethargy. Eating foods rich in iron can help.



Not drinking enough water can make you feel sluggish and give you headaches. Other symptoms include fatigue, headaches and poor concentration.


Poor Diet

Sugary foods, caffeine, alcohol and junk food all have a negative effect on your body. Whilst eating/drinking them you may feel awake for a short while after, the effects soon ware off.


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